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Tippin Tea

Rush - Black Tea Blend

Rush - Black Tea Blend

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Black tea blend.  This blends purpose is to give the user a stable energy in the mind and body.  With the combination of theobromine and l-theanine with caffeine that come from Yaupon and Black Tea leaves, you will notice a calm but very alert and effective energy with no crash.  Cordycep mushrooms in combination with each ingredient have been shown in studies to reduce fatigue and improve your time to exhaustion.  So whether you start the day with Rush or use it as a pre-workout, you are sure to get a very clean boost in energy and performance.
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RUSH -Black Tea Blend Details

Ingredients - (All Organic)

Black Tea

Cordycep Mushrooms

Roasted Yaupon


Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero Root)

Goji Berry


Natural Flavors

Taste Profile

Orange with a hint of cocoa

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I have started drinking both the Hush and Rush teas as part of a January cleanse and I absolutely love them! I feel like I have more energy during the day and having Hush before bed is such a nice way to wind down. I am sleeping better and feel great!

Tippin Tea is amazing!

Tippin Tea is amazing! I don't like the taste of coffee, so I am constantly looking for a tea that can provide me with the same energy throughout the day and Rush does just that! Not only does it give me lasting energy, it tastes way better than my usual green tea. So yummy! I definitely recommend.

Rick M.
Tippin Tea / Rush

Great hot or cold. I drink it before and during workouts/hiking and have definitely noticed an energy uptick. Easier on my gut compared to coffee and/or other energy drinks prior to eating and physical activity. I like the flow bags - does not leave a funky taste like some of the other tea bag materials. Brought a package to Greece during a recent trip and they want more...

Rush - my perk me up

Rush is a great tea to start my day and maintain a balanced focus and level of energy to get things done! All that without jitters or crash, I also notice a sense of ease. Tippin Tea definitely paid mind when researching and creating this blend of functional black tea.


I am officially obsessed with the Rush blend. The energy boost it gave me compared to my usual coffee is fantastic! The mood boost was a lovely surprise as well. The smell and taste are just dreamy! So happy with this product. 100% recommend! Definitely trying the Hush next!