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Tippin Tea

Hush - Herbal Tea Blend

Hush - Herbal Tea Blend

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Herbal tea blend.  This blend is meant to provide the body with nutrients that allow oneself to manage stress and improve sleep.  The powerful combination of Reishi mushrooms and adaptogenic plants have been shown to help improve: anxiety, sleep, stress, and overall well-being.  A lot of these calming effects are thanks to brains release of the amino acid called GABA, which has been established to help reduce stress and enhance sleep.
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HUSH - Herbal Tea Details

Ingredients - (All Organic)


Reishi Mushroom





Valerian Root

Cherry Cordial

Rose Petals

Taste Profile

Cherry with a floral undertone

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amy Bodensteiner
January Cleanse

I have started drinking both the Hush and Rush teas as part of a January cleanse and I absolutely love them! I feel like I have more energy during the day and having Hush before bed is such a nice way to wind down. I am sleeping better and feel great!

Susan Tidball
Love Hush Tippin Tea

I cannot go a day without this amazing and healthy tea! I relax and sleep so much better. The taste is amazing also. Can't say enough good stuff about this tea!

Hush - my unwind treat

Hush is my favorite go to for beginning my evening wind down routine or if I notice I need a slow down self care moment during the day. The floral aroma and herbal taste is divine but I especially love the functionality of this tea. While sipping a warm cup I notice a feeling of ease and know I’m giving my mind and body a treat.

Jennifer Welch
Really Good!

I like to have a cup of tea before I go to bed, but I’m really picky about what I drink. Hush meets all of my requirements. It has quality ingredients that I know I can trust, it tastes really good, and it helps me sleep. Highly recommend!

Ryan Miller
Hush Tea Blend

Having an extremely busy and non stop lifestyle begins to add up quickly. Being able to get adequate amounts of sleep is extremely important for our mind and overall physical well-being. As a stressed out college student and competitive athlete the Hush tea blend has helped improve not only my ability to fall asleep but to sleep through the night as well. This is the perfect relaxing tea blend and before bed tea. The taste is incredible and has a natural mild flavor to it. Overall, I enjoy this tea blend in a major way and hope you all give it a try and see the benefits.