About Us


With every good idea, you must first investigate the why. Here at Tippin’ Tea, we firmly believe in having a “why” that drives us in every decision. It drives our passion and drives our actions forward to bring you a functional tea that encompasses flavor, integrity and deeply investigated ingredients that we carefully selected as a good fit for our “why!” 

Our “why” stems from our decade long experience with chronic illness. Our co-founder and the master behind our tea blends, Trent, has been battling a chronic sleep disorder for 31 years and most intensely for the last 10 of those years. When you face such a level of adversity as not having your health, it really forces you to dig down deep and examine what you are prioritizing! At some point, Trent and I looked at each other and realized that his illness has given us the courage to ask the biggest question: “What the heck are we doing with our lives?!” Spending our days not prioritizing our passions and sharing what we’ve learned about health and wellness through so many doctor’s visits, surgeries, and just overall, in depth research, seems to really be a waste. Thus begins Tippin’ Tea! 

While we completely believe that just drinking tea isn’t going to do much for you in the game of health if you aren’t prioritizing healthy habits across the board, we do believe in the addition of healthy practices into an already well balanced routine. The slogan, “Tippin’ the scales of life, in your favor,” stems from this ideal. Our bodies, our minds, our beings are all so complex and wonderful. We believe it is of the utmost importance to fill the parts of ourselves with only the best. When you do not have your health, you have to look for these little ways to tip those scales! We have designed our two signature tea blends to fit this mold! 

We look forward to sharing our “why,” our passion and our journey with you all! Thank you for joining us and we truly cannot wait for you to love these tea blends as much as we do!

All our best, 

Theresa and Trent

Founders and Tea Executive Officers (TEO’s) <3