Get More Out Of Your Tea!

With adaptogens and non-psychedelic mushrooms our tea blends are designed to give you a functional intent to maximize your life. Hence our phrase; "Tippin' the scales of life, in your favor!". We deeply researched the effects of each ingredient to give you the best herbal combination possible. No powders, no nasty additives, just high-quality plants in a tasty blend... As nature intended!

** Plus, bonus points for our super cool packaging 😎

  • Science Based Ingredients

    Our ingredients were carefully selected and combined to maximize functional intent. Extensive research was done on each ingredient to make sure what you are getting actually works.

  • Turn Key Taste Profiles

    We designed our blends to taste as good as possible while using only plants and organic natural flavorings so you can just steep the tea and enjoy without adding anything (unless you prefer to!).

  • Always Adapting

    We are always looking at research conducted on plants to find the most effective and safeset ingredients possible. As the science changes and our knowledge grows, we adapt and slightly change our blends to be better.